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Proposed N.C. Hwy 105 Widening Project

Project Description
The NC DOT proposes to widen a 14.6 mile section of Hwy 105 from Linville to the Hwy 105 Bypass in Boone. Hwy 105 is a designated Scenic Byway, but is often congested due to the high truck volumes and tourist traffic, including many travelers who want to stop at shops along the road. This project will improve traveling conditions and make the road safer for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists.

Along most of the project corridor, the two-lane road will be widened to four lanes, with a 23-foot wide raised grass median. The median will be narrowed to 4 feet wide in some areas to reduce impacts. Shoulder width will vary, depending on how steep the mountain is in a particular area. Curbs and gutters will be added in some of the more populated areas. The bridge that crosses the Watauga River near Broadstone Road is recommended for replacement as part of this project. Improvements may also include space for bicyclists and safer pedestrian crosswalks.

hwy105_image1.jpg (13055 bytes)

Citizen’s Informational Workshops
Three citizens’ informational workshops have been scheduled for NCDOT to present the widening project to the local communities. Large maps showing the proposed project limits will be on display and the NCDOT project team will be available to answer questions & provide more information. Comments are requested through September 30th. Meeting times are from 4pm to 7pm on the following days: Aug. 22 (Monday) at Foscoe Grandfather Community Center, Aug. 29 (Monday) at the Linville Volunteer Fire Department, and Aug 30 (Tuesday) at La Quinta Inn in Boone.

How Will This Project Affect Me?
The proposed improvements will reduce traffic congestion and improve travel time along Hwy 105. Safety and access will also be improved. The wider road will have direct impacts to the adjacent homes & businesses, as well as streams, wetlands and wildlife habitat. As development of the project moves forward, NCDOT will refine the design to avoid and minimize project impacts.

Project Process
NCDOT is initiating environmental, planning and design studies for the proposed project. The public will have opportunities to be involved and provide comments through workshops, the project’s website and by contacting the project team at any point during the planning process.

Project Schedule (subject to change)
Summer 2011: First series of information workshops
Fall 2011 to Spring 2012: In-depth analysis of impacts to human and natural resources; Detailed designs
Summer 2012: Preparation of environmental document
Winter 2012 to 2013: Public hearings; Preparation of final environmental document
2015: Right-of-way acquisition begins
2018: Construction begins

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